faze design studio


SEEAR is an annual project that invites designers and musicians to collaborate and produce audiovisual artworks. In 2013 I organized and designed the graphics and an artwork for SEEAR themed by Superheroes. Each designer teamed up with a musician and came up with a brand new Superhero. They had to think of his backstory, superpowers and weaknesses and present him/her to the audience through a poster and a music theme. The Superheroes were presented with an exhibition from the 8th till the 10th of March 2013. We designed the graphics, poster, flyer, giveaway memorabilia masks, web banners, website in collaboration with lokoexe and a promo animation video along with Tony Zagoraios. Special thanks to the designers and musicians that took part in the project with such passion and support, our sponsors and the Lust Decade group that printed the most appreciated artwork on lmtd edition t-shirts.